The Cornmarket Project

The Cornmarket Project is committed to supporting individuals with a history of addiction and criminal involvement. Our range of programmes empower individuals, helping them escape the cycle of entrenched drug misuse and criminal behaviour, and serve as a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Through this transformative process, we also help to create safer and more secure communities for everyone.


What We Do

The Cornmarket Project was established in 1999 and is part of Wexford Local Development. It is a community-based treatment and rehabilitation project offering support to people in recovery from addiction and to those coming from a background of criminality. The mission statement of the project is ‘To reduce substance misuse, criminality and social exclusion in County Wexford by providing a range of best practice evidence based programmes.’

The project is located in the South East corner of Ireland and operates from four geographic locations across County Wexford: Wexford Town, Gorey, Enniscorthy and New Ross. The project’s thirteen separate programmes and services are delivered by a team of 32 people and range from low threshold practical supports for clients who are homeless and sleeping rough i.e. showers, laundry facilities, hot food provision and advocacy services, through to accredited training programmes, progression routes and employment opportunities.

‘Mark’ was a client of the Cornmarket Project. 
Here’s his story in his own words.

I messed up bad, drugs and crime took over my life. But then the Probation Service sent me to Cornmarket. They helped me a lot. Getting into the project was the start of sorting myself out.  They taught me about my addiction and how to deal with it. I learned to face my past and make things right.

The people at Cornmarket were super nice. They didn't judge me for what I did. They gave me support and showed me a better way. They helped me change my life. I ended up looking forward to going in to the project each day.  I was part of a group with others like me and we shared stories and helped each other. It was tough, but something clicked with me and for the first time I really wanted to leave the drugs behind.

I eventually got a place on a community employment scheme in the project and they learned me how to make a new start. They taught me things I never knew I was able to do. I felt proud of myself for learning and growing and I became a lot less angry. It wasn't easy, but my key worker and the other staff in the project never gave up on me. They stuck with me through the ups and downs. They believed in me when I couldn't. Now, I'm a different person. I left behind the drugs and crime. I fixed things with my family, and I'm working and doing good. The project turned my life around. I owe them everything. They saved me from my old self and gave me a second chance. I'll always be grateful forever to the Cornmarket Project.



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