About Us

The Cornmarket Project is recognised for its comprehensive approach to tackling challenging social issues. We offer a diverse range of programmes and services to support individuals who are dealing with problems related to criminal behaviour and substance misuse. Our approach, known as a "continuum of services," ensures that people in need can easily access support without unnecessary barriers. Additionally, the Cornmarket Project also extends its support to the families of our clients.

Our Services and Programmes

At the Cornmarket Project, we recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to supporting individuals in making positive behavioural changes. Each person has their own unique set of needs. Therefore, we meet our clients where they are in terms of their motivation to make positive changes. To accomplish this, we offer the following 13 distinct programmes and services:

One-to-one counselling.
Drop-in low threshold service.
Outreach service.
Drugs rehab community employment schemes.
Stabilisation groups.
Methadone clinic support service,
Restorative justice service.
Online Cocaine and Crack Addiction Support service.
Homelessness day service.
Women’s substance misuse service.
Trauma informed care programme.
EPIC social enterprise.
Kafe Konnect social enterprise.

To effectively address substance misuse and concurrent criminality in our local communities, we must implement comprehensive and forward-thinking strategies while taking decisive actions. Extensive media coverage has made us all too aware of the severe societal impact of entrenched substance misuse, particularly in areas of deprivation and social exclusion throughout the country. It is crucial for us in Wexford to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

To bring about tangible improvements and create safer communities in County Wexford, we must acknowledge the strong connections between persistent substance misuse, ongoing criminal activities, and social exclusion. By adopting an integrated approach that addresses the entire life cycle of those affected, we can initiate real change and contribute to the goal of safer communities.


The Cornmarket Project is a part of Wexford Local Development, a company limited by guarantee (CLG) with charitable status. The company registration number is 454533 with its registered office at Spawell Road, Wexford.  The CHY Number is 18086 and Registered Charity Number is 20068691. The company is exempt from the requirement to use the suffix CLG in its name.


The structure of WLD conforms to the requirements of all the funding bodies and agencies that  the organisation works in partnership with. The main objectives of the Company are to engage in and support:

  • Social development.
  • Support people to re-enter the labour market.
  • Enterprise development to facilitate rural and urban regeneration.
  • Community development, designed to benefit and promote the welfare of local communities or to deal with the causes and consequences of social and economic disadvantage or poverty in local communities.
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